Complete Auto Detailing at Car Guys Appearance Centre in Calgary

Car Guys Appearance Centre specializes in interior and exterior automotive detailing, new car protection services and professional window tinting in the Calgary area. Take a look at the information on this page for pricing information and then contact us to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

Window Tinting

2-Window tint (fixed), most cars: $149.99

3-Window tint (non-fixed/roll-down windows), most cars: $249.99

5-Window tint (rear car), most cars: $359.99

7-Window tint, most cars: $429.99

Power Polishing

We can clean and polish your painted surfaces to an almost like-new shine, giving your car a shine that would look at home on the showroom floor. We also offer a 3-step polish to improve the finish and remove minor imperfections and light scratches from older cars.

One-step polish: $195.00

Dark colours: add $45.00

Interior Detailing

Small cars: from $129.99

Medium- and full-size cars: from $159.99

Minivans and large SUVs: from $199.99

Small SUVs: from $169.99

Trucks, extended and crew cab: from $199.99

Exterior Detailing

Cars: $99.99

Minivans, SUVs and other: $129.99

Contaminant removal extra (tar, sap, overspray, etc.)

New Car Protection

Paint protection *lifetime warranty: $259.99

Undercoat/sound deadener: $249.99, $299.99

Rustproofing lifetime warranty: $149.99

Leather/vinyl/fabric protection: $59.95, $89.95

New car package: $495.00


We use Car BriteĀ® and Surf City GarageĀ® products.

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